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Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide excellent client service by adhering to Christian values in how we treat our clients and each other, who and what organizations we serve and support and by assisting clients and each other to maintain integrity no matter the cost. We will consistently provide a high level of service to small closely held businesses, not-for- profit organizations and individuals by providing only those services for which have the proper professional experience and training.


Started in 2002 as SMP Consulting, Inc., Steve Purgahn began providing accounting and tax services from a small room in his personal residence. Over the years the firm has introduced accounting software consulting, litigation support services and assurance services. In 2016 SMP Consulting, Inc. in conjunction with the acquisition of the accounting and tax practice of Howard Nimmons, CPA changed its name to Purgahn and Associates. We have grown from on full-time employee to three and now serve over 600 individual and 200 small to mid-sized businesses.

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